Consulting Services

Financial Consulting

I offer general financial consulting to individuals and small businesses looking for guidance. This service is available for those who strictly need financial counsel and not investment management services. Education, retirement, and tax planning services are included with investment management services.

Mining Investing

I offer consulting & research services to individuals and institutions seeking guidance for their investments in the mining industry. I draw upon various proprietary databases for metal fundamentals and mining projects to complement my advice. This service is ideal for:

  • Individual investors looking for guidance with their mining investments.

  • Junior mining companies (industrial metals) on tight budget looking for quality, low cost industry research and/or market guidance.

  • Professional and institutional investors looking for guidance on how to position their holdings in the mining industry.


My base fee for consulting services is $55 per hour (1 hour minimum). Fees for extended engagements or large projects are derived from this base rate. Monthly retainers are available for businesses or investors looking for an ongoing, consultative relationship.