The Premium Edition of the True Vine Letter is a complete investment solution.

Premium Focuses on 3 Integrated Areas:
Strategy, Research, and Allocation

Investment Strategy

Analysis of broad economic, financial market, and political developments as a prelude to finding what trends to follow and what trends to avoid. Investment strategy provides the foundation for portfolio allocation.

Investment Research

Coverage of specific company stocks and bonds from around the world that offer promising investment opportunities. Stock coverage spans a variety of industries as a basis for forming a diversified equity allocation.

Coverage of bond funds that are attractive in the context of the overall investment strategy.

Portfolio Allocation

Guidance for allocating a diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds, cash, etc. and for positioning stock holdings within this portfolio. Allocations emphasize buying low and selling high.

Includes a separate framework dedicated to providing allocation guidance for the funds offered in employer retirement plans. These typically form an important part of overall investment holdings and should not be neglected.

Additional Features of the Premium Edition

Global Perspective

Premium Edition subscribers come from around the world. It is geared for a global audience and takes into consideration the impact of such factors as currency fluctuations, interest rate differentials, and political changes. This is the reality of the world we live in.

Dedicated & Robust Platform

Subscribers receive access to an online archive of all Premium Edition material and related resources. Premium Letters can be read online through a web browser or accessed through an app on a mobile phone or tablet. Subscribers can highlight specific areas of text within each Premium Letter to comment on or ask questions about directly in the margin. Subscribers also receive a copy of every letter by email.

Direct Access

Many subscribers prefer to correspond with me directly instead of commenting on Letters. I understand this. Subscribers always have direct email access to me and I usually respond fast!


The Premium Edition is $25 per month. Industrial Minefinder™ subscribers receive a 30% discount. Payment can be made by credit card or bank account and is setup to be processed automatically each month.

Subscriptions can be cancelled at anytime but are non-refundable since they are monthly. Subscribers who cancel will retain access for the entire month that they have paid for in advance.

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