Introducing the Industrial Minefinder™

This week I launched a subscription service on the Seeking Alpha Marketplace called Industrial Minefinder. This service will focus on providing do-it-yourself individual investors, professional investors, and institutional investors with exceptional investment opportunities from within the industrial mining sector.

True Biblical Money

This Letter is the product of years of Bible study, economic and monetary reading, observation, and thoughtful reflection with the Holy Spirit. The implementation of True Biblical Money has the power to bring positive, fundamental change to the economic basis of a society. If nothing else, I hope that it is properly understood by economically minded representatives of Christ around the world so that God’s standard for money can at least be adequately put on display.

Understanding Required Minimum Distributions From IRAs

All assets in retirement plans must eventually be distributed to their owners or their beneficiaries (if they are deceased). The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has structured the IRA rules so the advantages of tax deferral do not last forever. In this Letter we will look at “Required Minimum Distributions” (RMDs)—the amount that must be distributed each year for certain IRA owners.