Investing God's Way


My approach to investing consists
of a three-layered process.

Every layer is critical.



Economic & Market Forecast

God provides me with guidance on broad economic trends and market dynamics that will take place over the years to come. He faithfully reveals important aspects to me because I have been called to this as an occupation. My recent 7-year forecast is an example of this. These form the background for all subsequent investment decisions. The Biblical basis for this is discussed in my Investing with God Series.


Focused Investments

I seek God for guidance on specific investments, but He often seeks me first. My primary focus is individual stocks. The Holy Spirit reveals to me what investments to make. I do not choose them. Years of His instruction have yielded an entire array of companies from around the world that I follow. From a practical standpoint, this is how the life of the Vine flows through the branch.

Investing God’s way is a reality, not a slogan.

I conduct diligent research to intimately understand these companies and their industries. Many of my writings on the True Vine Letter or Seeking Alpha are a product of this research process. This yields further understanding from the Holy Spirit on when and how much to invest. 


Portfolio Construction

I have developed a proprietary stock evaluation model that includes inputs from the first two layers of my investment process and also incorporates Biblical economic cycles. This model serves as an ongoing guide for selecting the investments that constitute my clients' portfolios.



What Does All This Lead Too?




... an investment process that truly stands out.