Integrity is the Hallmark of
True Vine Investments


I value close relationships with my clients and I understand that trustworthiness is the most important characteristic they are looking for in an investment manager. 

The only fees I charge are for managing my clients' investments. There is no charge for consultations.

I am an independent advisor, free to do whatever I think is in my clients' best interests. My entire salary is derived from managing their investments and it rises or falls based upon their performance.


Investment Services



I manage customized investment portfolios to help my clients achieve their financial goals.

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Retirement Plan

I advise clients on how to allocate assets within their employer sponsored retirement plans.

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The True Vine Letter - Premium Edition

The Premium Edition is a complete investment solution for do-it-yourself investors.

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Industrial Miners Portfolios

I offer specialized portfolios dedicated exclusively to investing in industrial metals miners.

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Integrated Planning Services


Investments should not be made in isolation. I offer the following free planning services to ensure my clients have a cohesive strategy for meeting their financial objectives. 


Retirement Planning

The peace of mind gained from having a well-thought-out and flexible retirement plan is invaluable. I work with clients to understand their lifestyle and financial goals in order to develop a plan that shows them how much they need to save. Special attention is given to determining the type of retirement account to use to minimize taxes.

As retirement draws near, I help them determine when and how to collect Social Security and other pension benefits they may be eligible for. I gradually transition their investment portfolio to generate a reliable stream of income, while still growing their assets to keep pace with inflation.


Education Planning 

I work with parents to develop a plan for funding the future education expenses of their children. I provide advice on how to structure their assets to receive the most financial aid and implement tax saving investment vehicles.

I advocate a unique approach of integrating education savings with retirement savings that ensures the most flexibility for families that simply do not know what their future requirements will be. There is no one size fits all approach for our children. Traditional college is not for everyone and rapid technological advances are paving the way for new and less expensive methods of education.