Strategic Investing, Not Pushy Sales


Have you ever been annoyed by a doctor who only pushed medications and did not actually talk to you about how to have a healthy body? Me too. Likewise, I believe that an investment advisor should actually be a wise investor, not a salesman. I invest the assets of my clients strategically, based upon my unique approach. I do not sell pre-packaged products for commissions.


Custom Portfolios Are My Specialty


Managing a portfolio of investments for individuals, businesses, and charitable organizations is my primary service. This is uniquely suited for those:

  • Deciding what to do with a retirement plan from an old job

  • Saving for retirement or children's education

  • Needing an income stream for retirement

  • Receiving oil & gas royalties or an inheritance

  • Organizations looking to earn a return on their reserves or invest their pension plan

  • Just plain looking to grow their wealth

Portfolios are designed and managed in accordance with each client's objectives, time horizon, and tax situation. I charge an annual fee based upon total assets under management, according to the following schedule:

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