True Biblical Money

This Letter is the product of years of Bible study, economic and monetary reading, observation, and thoughtful reflection with the Holy Spirit. The implementation of True Biblical Money has the power to bring positive, fundamental change to the economic basis of a society. If nothing else, I hope that it is properly understood by economically minded representatives of Christ around the world so that God’s standard for money can at least be adequately put on display.

True Economic Value

This is the first letter in what will eventually be a complete Biblical series on money, wealth, economics, and whatever other related topics this journey may kick up. This series is meant to be a sort of foundational reference that I will refer to in the future.

After years of Biblical reflection on money, this was the first topic I was hungry to tackle out of the gate. However, a patient, Spirit-led path caused me to take a step back and produce what I am now presenting here and calling True Economic Value. This process led to a startling discovery: understanding true economic value uncovers how money should be created.

True Vine Investing

Jesus symbolically referred to Himself as the true vine. In this letter we explore what it means to invest with the Holy Spirit and discover the guiding principles of True Vine Investments.