Investment Strategy

Strategic Thinking for the Next Metals Bull Market

In this True Vine Letter I shake things up a bit with my recent review of The MIning Investor’s Handbook by Robin Bromby. It was my first book review and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Analyzing the Economic Potential of Low Grade Mining Projects

I recently built a database of lower grade, industrial metals focused mining projects with the intention of analyzing them to determine what the necessary ingredients are to produce attractive economic outcomes. This analysis led to some interesting conclusions.

Methodology for Analyzing the Cost Efficiency of Gold & Silver Miners

True Vine Letter readers who are familiar with my Forecast know that I am of the view that inflation is coming, but it is still a few years away. In preparation, I will be making some investments in various natural resource related companies. I have begun by compiling data on gold & silver mining companies and developing some methods of analysis to assist in separating the wheat from the chaff. In the coming months I will be writing articles and research reports on various mining companies. Instead of explaining my methodology for evaluating the cost competitiveness of these companies every single time, I decided to simply lay it out here for linking and reference.